Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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What's Your News?

Produced by TT Animation, What's Your News? is a very unique childrens TV show. It is a news program presented by CG characters but featuring news storys from real-life children. So while the studio shots are pure CGI, the program also features live-action footage of children, often with the 3D characters composited into the same shots and interacting with the children. I worked on the second series of this show.

The animation was produced using motion-captured data from live actors. The extremities, hands, fingers, and the face needed to be hand animated and lipsynched to the dialogue. My role involved cleaning up the body motion-captured animation, then adding in the additional animation, including the lip-synch, working with the acting and emotion supplied with the motion-captured data and the soundtrack and enhancing the performance with the hand-animated finer details. I also assisted in converting the motion-capture footage onto the animation rigs and setting up the scenes to be animated by myself or the other animators. As animators we are also responsible for finalising our scenes, introducing background characters and previewing the final rendered work.

The second series of What's Your News? was produced for CBC and will be aired in Canada in the near future.



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