Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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The Ship

A highly original multiplayer game which takes a huge twist on the normal FPS (first-person shooter) format. The objective is not to kill anyone in sight but to hunt down and dispatch one particular opponent, while at the same time another opponent will be on your trail. In addition the needs system ensures that players keep on the move through the various levels as they may from time to time need to rest or eat or even read a book to take their mind off their vile deeds. This leads to a wonderful atmosphere of paranoia as you suspiciously watch your fellow passengers in case they suddenly whip out a pool cue or a mannequin arm and make straight for you!
When I joined Outerlight this game was a few months away from completion but without much in the way of VFX. I aimed to keep the effects understated in keeping with the overall ambience of the game. This game is by far the most fun game to play that I have worked on, playing against a good group of players online or against my colleagues in the Outerlight office can result in hours lost! Critically well received in general, this game deserved to sell far better than it did.