Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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State Of Emergency 2

The sequel to Vis’ hugely successful arcade beat-em-up State Of Emergency. Although the first game was a success it was criticized for its repetitive nature. The sequel attempted to address this by introducing a storyline which made the game much more linear and forced you to take control of the different characters at various different points in the game. The gameplay and levels were more varied, at times allowing you to take control of tanks, speedboats or helicopters. The result was a more varied game that was often a million miles away from the beat-em-up nature of the first game. The game might have done much better had it been a stand-alone title with completely new characters.
I worked on this game for both Vis and DC as both an animator and VFX artist. At Vis I worked on several ingame character animations, mostly on AI characters although I contributed some of Libras animations such as her walk. I also animated some of the cutscenes. At DC Studios I took on the role of Lead Animator to help see the project through to its conclusion. By this time game animations and VFX were practically finished and although some alterations were made, mostly for optimisation purposes, most of my work was with the major replanning and reanimation needed for the numerous cutscenes throughout the game.