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Animator & VFX Artist

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LA Noire

LA Noire is certainly the biggest title I've ever had the honour to work on. In many ways the gameplay, while obviously having the scope and vastness of the Grand Theft Auto series, for me also harks back a generation ago to much older titles which concentrated much more on narrative. That said the game also represents a technological leap forward, especially in terms of using video and motion capture to produce the most stunning animation and acting performance in a video game to date. It can be described as the video game version of LA Confidential and, like that film, captures the era perfectly.

I joined this project late on in production as Rockstar North needed extra animators to work on the motion capture footage for the interview sections in the game. This was the full body footage, the facial capture was designed to be ported into the game without the editing touch of an animator. For the interviews and interrogations, we animators had access to a library of gestures which we used to sync to the soundtrack and facial animation in order to produce the best performance. The correct responses were directly motion captured as a one take performance to the dialogue, so it was the incorrect responses in the conversation tree where the animators work came in.

So whenever you are interviewing a suspect, victim or witness, and you misjudge their answer and choose an incorrect follow-up response there's roughly a 50% chance you'll be watching my work since I worked on roughly half of the interview scenes in the game.



LA Noire Screenshot 1 LA Noire Screenshot 2 LA Noire Screenshot 3

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