Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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Originally conceived as an interactive horse-racing cable channel in which punters would bet on virtual races, train their virtual horses and possibly win or lose a fair amount of cash. The company created to launch the channel, VisITV, a partnership between Telewest and Vis, collapsed and since then the project seems to have been taken online at various gaming websites and venues. It also spawned the PS2 game; NTRA Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships reworked from I-race original assets by 4J Studios.
My role on the I-race project was primarily as an animator. I animated all the race animations and worked with motion capture data for all of the pre and post race footage involving both the horses and jockeys. After Vis handed on the project some menu sequences were added with the introduction of a stable girl. Menu animations aside, it’s certain that my original race animations remained the basis for both I-race and the Breeders Cup although reworked to what extent, if any, I cannot say.