Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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Gaspard & Lisa

Produced by Impossible TV, I worked as an animator and fixer on this childrens TV series. This has been my first animation job for television and it was a fun program to work on. During production a lot of care and attention to detail went into realising a unique world which was inspired by the Gaspard & Lisa childrens books which are filled wth brightly coloured oil-painting illustrations.

During production many of us, including myself, were working on various aspects of the show. During pre-production I was modelling and texturing props. During production of the show at various times I found myself doing layout, lip-synching, shot fixing for 2nd and final passes and character animation. Its been a project I really enjoyed working on and I hope it won't be too long before Gaspard & Lisa is broadcast here in the UK

Meanwhile, the series first aired on the 1st of November on TF1 in France and it is also being broadcast in Japan.

You can link to the Impossible TV website here