Julian Laing
Animator & VFX Artist

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Bloody Good Time

This game, which was finally released on Xbox Arcade in October 2010, was developed by Outerlight from 2008-2009. This title is essentially a follow up to The Ship. Although strictly speaking it isn't a sequel the gameplay is essentially very similar with a lot of new ideas and concepts, with the setting transported from 1920s cruise liners to modern day B-movie film sets. I worked on this title as an animator and VFX artist. Creatively it was a fun project to work on with many unique and original animations needed along with some wacky VFX. There are several samples of my work for this game in my showreel.

Here is a brief synopsis of the game from Ubisofts website;

"Bloody Good Time is a game regrouping ambitious teen actors ready to kill for fame! Selected by a weird B-movie director looking for the best shot, they will do anything to get the lead role."



Bloody Good Time screenshot 1 Bloody Good Time screenshot 2 Bloody Good Time screenshot 3 Bloody Good Time screenshot 4